Handcrafted Chrome Fusion Razor Handle in Premium Jacked Country Apple Laminate Hardwood with Matching Deluxe Chrome Razor Stand


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My beautiful handcrafted Fusion razor handle uses any Gillette Fusion cartridge.  This razor handle is handmade in a very tasteful and beautiful Jacked Country Apple hardwood and topped off with a great bright Chrome finish.  The laminate design around the razor and stand accent handles provide fine distinction to the base red color.  This razor will last for many years as the wooden handle has been stabilized with resin to prolong life and is water resistant.

Complementing this razor is a matching bright chrome stand with a matching Jacked Country Apple hardwood post on the stand. This set really complements each other and makes a fantastic addition to your saving routine.

The razor head and stand come completely apart for ease of cleaning. 

The razor handle and stand post are hand turned on my lathe and makes a fantastic gift. This is an exquisite combination piece with one of a kind handcrafted Fusion razor handle and stand post.

As always, this razor set can be used by both men and women. Included is a Gillette Fusion razor cartridge.

               Custom handcrafted razor sets make excellent gifts year round, to give or to keep.

My Fusion razors are available separately from the stand if so desired - just initiate a custom request.

All wooden handles are completely sealed against water entry.

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This is a fairly heavy set as razor/stands go.