Handcrafted Desert Ironwood Magnifying Glass Paperweight in a Beautiful 24 ct Gold Finish


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My handcrafted Magnifying Glass Paperweight uses a beautiful piece of Desert Ironwood hardwood as the lid.  The Magnifying Glass Paperweight is trimmed in a bright 24 ct Gold finish.  This paperweight/magnifier is part of my line of desk accessories.  The Magnifying Glass/Paperweight complements my other matching accessory and pen lines.

This cap shows nicely the fine and tight grain attributed to this desert hardwood.  The orange-brown wood found in the desert Southwest of the US an Northern Mexico has very fine to medium dark grain running throughout the cap.  This has tight grain and very dense, hence the name Ironwood, but brings out the wood style more dramatically.  Ironwood will also darken naturally over time creating and bringing that very traditional mid century look to this item.

This fine accessory is made to be used on a desk or other surface as both a beautiful paperweight and also a magnifying glass.  The 2.5X magnifier swings out from the paperweight for easy reading of maps and other fine printed details.  This paperweight/magnifier shows nicely the fine grain and details attributed to this beautiful hardwood.  Very elegant and beautiful desk accessory with the well crafted swing out magnifying glass.  The wood is a beautiful deep brown color and has nice features within it.  The 24 ct Gold accent trim makes this desk accessory stand out nicely.
My accessories are great for personal use or as an exquisite gift for that special someone, birthday, wedding, anniversary, client, guest, etc. These are one of a kind desk and personal accessories made from hardwoods I personally select.  Matching pens are also available. 

All my accessories are hand turned by me on my lathe and undergo a minimum 18 step finishing and polishing process to bring out the fantastic colors embedded within the hardwood.

The glass lens is 2 inches in diameter, the overall diameter of the magnifying glass/paperweight is approximately 2 3/8 inches. Magnification is approximately 2.5X
I do not use inferior woods, acrylic formulations or mechanisms in any of my accessories, pens or pencils!

This magnifying glass/paperweight is finished in bright 24 ct Gold.  This is a highly polished and exquisite  accessory and requires little maintenance to retain its gloss. 

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