Handcrafted Safety Razor in Beautiful Electric Disco Acrylic Finished in Bright Chrome


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My beautiful handcrafted safety razor handle uses any safety razor and refills.  This handle is hand turned in a beautiful piece of Electric Disco acrylic and topped off with a great bright Chrome finish.  This razor handle will last for many years and the handle is completely waterproof.  This makes a great gift for birthday, wedding, anniversary, client, guest, etc.  These make great bridal party gifts as well.

The Electric Disco acrylic has deep purple-blue tones with red, gold, yellow and green color swirled about and all brought out with the bright chrome finish. The colors blend in beautifully and come together nicely in this razor handle. All of the Electric Disco color is accented beautifully with the bright chrome finish to make one fantastic looking razor.  This razor accepts all safety razors and cartridges.  The razor is excellent for either men or women and a must have for nostalgia shavers everywhere.
The handle is hand turned on my lathe and makes a fantastic gift, if not keeping it for yourself.  Safety razor efills can be purchased in almost any store.  This is a remarkable one of a kind handcrafted razor handle. The head can be completely removed for ease of cleaning and razor blade changing.

My safety razors are available in the any of the materials that I stock.

Custom handcrafted razor handles make excellent year round gifts to give, or just treat yourself!

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