Handcrafted Wooden Pen - Black Dyed Quilted Poplar Slim Twist Pen Finished in Fine Satin Nickel


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My handcrafted slim twist wooden pen in a beautiful piece of Black Dyed Quilted Poplar hardwood is trimmed in a complementing Satin Nickel finish.  The pen is part of my slim line of fine writing instruments and has an excellent twist mechanism which operates smoothly.  This ball point writes extremely well with great balance and hand feel, and is a pleasure to write with.  

My pens are great for personal use or as an exquisite gift for that special someone, birthday, wedding, anniversary, client, guest, etc. These are one of a kind wooden pens made from hardwoods I select. 

These dyed hardwoods are chosen for the colors and tones exhibited in the finished pen.  

This pen has had the hardwood dyed black throughout which results in the beautiful grayish color with white cloudy band lines circling the pen barrel.  This effect is due to the dense hardwood and the characteristics of Poplar not taking the dye up exactly as one would expect.  This results in one unique and one of a kind pen.  Browse the store for my other Quilted Poplar hardwood designs in various colors (green, red, blue, purple).

All my pens are hand turned by me on my lathe and undergo a minimum 18 step finishing and polishing process to bring out the fantastic color tones embedded within in the hardwood. 

                                      My Custom Handcrafted pens make excellent gifts!

I do not use inferior woods, acrylic formulations or pen mechanisms in any of my pens or pencils or other turnings!

This wooden pen is handmade as a ball point trimmed in a fine Satin Nickel finish and uses a Cross style of ballpoint refill.  Refills are readily available at stationery stores everywhere.  This is a highly polished and exquisite pen and requires little maintenance to retain its high gloss and beauty.  
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