Lever Action Pen - Heaven Hill Bourbon Whiskey Barrel Stave Oak Pen - Ballpoint Pen - Wood Pen - Handcrafted Pen - Rifle - Antique Nickel


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My wooden handcrafted Lever Action pen in an exquisite piece of Heaven Hill Bourbon Whiskey Barrel Oak Stave is trimmed in a beautiful and bright Antique Nickel finish.  The pen is based on a lever action rifle design with a bullet styled nib that is copper plated. This pen is designed to write with for hours on end and has superb looks and appeal, with beautiful etchings on the lever action mechanism!  The pen exhibits excellent balance and has a great hand feel to write with. The lever action mechanism used to extend and retract the ballpoint pen tip works flawless.

This pen is perfect for that sporting, hunting, shooting, reminiscent or other journal entry and will be enjoyed by Outdoor enthusiasts as well as sportsmen/women.  This ball point writes extremely smooth with an effortless lever action mechanism and is a pleasure to write with.  The lever action mechanism operates very easily and the pen has a nice overall balance to it.  

this pen uses a piece of oak that has been heavily stained by charcoal and I tried to keep it incorporated into the final barrel design.  It is turned a bit thicker than normal for added hand feel and to keep the woods basic texture and coloration constant.

Heaven Hill Kentucky Bourbon pays tribute to the earliest days of the Distillery’s history. The distillery is located near Bardstown, Kentucky. This pen is created from an original used Oak barrel whiskey stave.  There is an aroma of whiskey that has soaked into the staves during aging.  The pen is sealed, but over time, the aroma will be detected. A certificate of authenticity is provided for each pen sold.  A presentation box is included.  One of the nicest pens you will come across at this price point, it may well end up in your collection, or as a great gift for anyone.  A Certificate of Authenticity is included. Included is a presentation box.

My pens are great for personal use or as an exquisite gift for that special someone, birthday, wedding, anniversary, client, guest, holiday, etc. These are one of a kind pens made from premium hardwoods I personally select.

                                    My Custom Handcrafted Pens make great gifts year round!

I do not use inferior woods, acrylic formulations or pen mechanisms in any of my pens or pencils!

This wooden pen is handmade as a ball point pen trimmed in a bright Antique Nickel finish and uses a Parker style of ballpoint refill.  Refills are readily available at stationery stores everywhere, or through my website.  This is a highly polished and exquisite pen and requires a little maintenance to retain its gloss.   

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