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My beautiful handcrafted razor handle in beautiful Mexican Agate Tru-Stone that uses any Gillette Mach 3, Gillette 3 or Venus style razor blades and refills.  This razor is handcrafted in a beautifully colored and detailed Mexican Agate Tru-Stone and topped off with a bright Gold finish.  This razor will last for many years and the stone handle is completely waterproof.

The interweaving of the brown base with tan and white areas wrapping the handle are visually pleasing in this fine handcrafted razor handle.  Fine details in the handle displays the darker colors found in the Mexican desert with patterns that wrap the barrel of this fine razor. This color scheme brings out the vivid images of the desert southwest.  This is one of my most popular designs. A must have!

NOTE: This handle will not fit the Fusion Pro-Glide/Gillette 5 cartridges which use a different cartridge receiver.  My Fusion Pro-Glide handles are listed separately.
This razor handle is hand turned on my lathe and makes a fantastic gift.  The razor comes with one blade to get you started.  Refills can be purchased at any store.  This is truly a remarkable one of a kind handcrafted razor handle that fits well in hand.  I use one of these myself!

The handle is well weighted and retains its color year after year.  Since it is composed of actual stone and resins, it is completely waterproof and perfect for the shower or bathroom.

This razor handle can be used by both men and women. Great gift for any birthday, wedding, anniversary, guest gift, client gift, etc.

                My Custom Handcrafted razor handles make excellent year round gifts!

Visit my store for all of my designs, styles and new additions.  Razor handles can be custom ordered in a variety of Tru-Stone, over 100 styles of Acrylics and over 80 different types of wood. Finishes are available in Satin Chrome, Gold, Chrome and Black Satin Chrome. Just initiate a custom order request for a quote.

Tru-Stone is my most expensive razor handle, but will last a lifetime, as will all acrylics.  All wooden handles are completely sealed against water entry.

Check out my store for all of my styles, designs and new additions.

This is a great item for man or woman.

Thank you for visiting my store for all your fine personal hand turned accessory needs and gifts.